The modular MES solution for the smart factory

Orchestrate production processes individually and optimize them globally

MES FLEX is the holistic MES solution for the digitalization of the factory. The integration platform serves as the central data hub of your smart factory. It helps you analyze, plan, control, and optimize your manufacturing processes through modular MES (Manufacturing Execution System) applications. Thanks to its modular structure, the solution can be adapted to your individual needs and goals. MES FLEX offers these advantages:

  • Standardized machine connection & ERP integration
  • Digital image of the factory through the uniform data model
  • Analysis, planning, and control functions through integrated MES apps
  • Automated workflows with Microsoft Power Automate
  • Extensive app marketplace for additional use cases

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"With FORCAM, customers can achieve proven productivity gains of over 20 percent in less than twelve months"
"FORCAM provides sustainable support for our energy management system. Every energy-related measure on production plants or machines is permanently monitored and checked for cost savings."

Capture and provision all production data

Within the MES FLEX solution, the EDGE CONNECT is responsible for machine data acquisition and networking of the systems. The Bridge component uses a rule engine to process and validate all captured data in real-time. This makes all machine data available to your company. You are always informed about the current status of each machine and can intervene in the event of downtimes and malfunctions in no time.


Real-time information and insights

With the Performance Analysis app, you have all relevant information at a glance, either as key business figures or in the form of reports and individual visualizations. The key figures and reports serve as a basis and important decision-making instrument for optimization measures, with which you can optimize your production using the right strategy and initiate a sustainable CIP process.

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Transparency throughout the process

With the Traceability application, you can determine when, how, and where a product was manufactured, stored, or transported. This ensures complete traceability of finished products along the entire supply chain down to the individual component. A serial number, batch, or lot number can uniquely identify each product. This protects you from claims for recourse and damages and in the event of a fault, you are prepared to withdraw the defective goods from circulation as quickly as possible.

Track and Trace

Efficient resource, order, and capacity planning

Accurate and efficient planning of orders is at the heart of every production company and the basis for optimizing the production process. This is the only way to minimize lead times, make optimal use of capacities, and reduce production costs in the long term. The MES FLEX solution can learn through intelligent algorithms and gives you suggestions for optimal planning based on past planning.

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Identify energy consumption and eliminate energy guzzlers

With FORCAM, you promote your energy turnaround: Our Energy Monitoring application records and documents energy consumption in each of your plants and compares it with business data such as shifts and order volumes. To have an overview of cause-related consumption values at all times, it is possible to create energy and production-related evaluations and set upper and lower limits. Areas or machines with excessive energy consumption can thus be identified.

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Digitize and easily administer manufacturing documents

The smart factory needs smart data: Relevant data delivered in a user-friendly way for the user. The trick is to get the right information to the right person at the right time in the right form. With the Document Management app, all information necessary for the worker’s work is immediately available, clearly visualized and easy to manage. Orders are automatically transferred from the ERP system and linked to production-relevant information from CAD, NC, or PLM systems.

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