Technology Consulting

Expert advice from adapter to cloud infrastructure

For an ideal IT architecture

The possibilities of the Internet in the factory bring huge opportunities with them. This requires high-performance technology that can build bridges – for example between existing silo solutions and new applications. After all, data silos are the enemies of the industry4.0 concept. They limit profitability and productivity.

The key to higher productivity and profitability lies in an open technology platform that generates a uniform data model for all departments. In addition, they should enable free communication with partner or third-party solutions via open web interfaces, independent of manufacturers and vendors.

As a FORCAM customer and business partner, you benefit from the many years of technological know-how of our teams. In Technology Consulting, FORCAM bundles many years of know-how in data-supported manufacturing and all common solutions from the shop floor to the top floor (ERP).


connect all parts and different machines
Network Shop Floor and Topfloor (ERP) via adapter


Requirements for a multidimensional data model
which MES solutions should be integrated


Benefits and features of a truly open technology platform
The Right Infrastructure: On-premise, Edge or Cloud Computing