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We accompany you in the implementation of your digitization strategy with the method IPP Process Playbook

Managing the digital transformation properly – with a system

Based on your strategy, we work with you to develop your production’s relevant value chains.
Our method for this is called Iterative Process Prototyping (IPP®). In joint workshops with your teams, the aim is to define a harmonized and optimized target picture of your technical requirements in a transparent and binding manner. In this way, we jointly reduce the time required for analyses to a minimum and identify potential risks and optimization potential at an early stage.

Our tool for this is called: IPP Process Playbook

On the one hand, this ensures stability and sustainability, and on the other hand, we provide the necessary agility and flexibility. By preparing complex issues in a way that is appropriate for the target group, we guarantee that managers, administrators and IT specialists all work towards the common goal with focus and high quality.

Our consulting packages for implementing your digitization strategy

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  1. The IPP® Process Playbook originated in the SAP environment, and more information can be found at: www.processplaybook.com