The entry-level solution for digital production

Standardized MES packages for an efficient rollout

Monitor production virtually & optimize systematically

We offer small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) an all-around, worry-free package for a simple and inexpensive entry into digital production.

The MES LITE solution is a smart factory solution for SMEs.

More transparency & efficiency in production

Generate a digital twin

Creates digital image of the factory on a database

Identify optimization potential

Eliminate defects and waste

Expand and scale flexibly

Expandable to MES FLEX

Full transparency in manufacturing through real-time machine monitoring

With MES LITE, you get an all-round worry-free solution with which you can record and analyze all important KPIs – the basis for the improvement process (CIP). All machine statuses and information can be viewed from anywhere and at any time. You receive comprehensive visualizations, dashboards and reports.

Identify optimization potential

You identify weak points and waste, through standardized KPIs (availability and OEE). These provide you with an objective decision-making basis for optimizing your production processes. You efficiently record optimization potential and can implement targeted improvement measures to ensure the efficiency of your company.

Extend and scale according to your needs

With MES LITE, you can expand and scale your solution according to your needs. Easily connect additional machines and integrate existing and required IT systems easily. You have control over the specific connectivity, so you retain control of your IT architecture. Likewise, MES LITE offers an uncomplicated upgrade option to MES FLEX, providing even more MES functionality if needed.

Digitizing machines easily

Machines are connected in the standard via the proven I/O controller. The Availability package includes four digital signals as standard (machine switched on, automatic ON/OFF, machine producing, machine stopped). These can be individually adapted. In the OEE package, these are supplemented by quantity messages and quality.

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