Universal connectivity for your machine park

Digitize your machinery independently of age & manufacturer

EDGE CONNECT enables the fast and easy connection of heterogeneous machine parks. It is not relevant whether these machines are intended for network operation. Thanks to the solution EDGE CONNECT, you can also digitize your existing plants subsequently without any problems, regardless of age and manufacturer. This saves you expensive new investments in a machine park.

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The connectivity solution for your machine park

The EDGE CONNECT solution enables companies to fully exploit the digitization potential of machines from a wide range of manufacturers and vintages. With EDGE CONNECT, you can easily digitize even heterogeneous machine fleets. Even machines that were never intended for digitization can be made fit for the Smart Factory at a later date. Use your machine data in real-time now.

Benefit from machine data in a harmonized data model

Through the EDGE CONNECT solution, signals are captured close to the machine and your different machine signals are translated into a universal language. The data signals are normalized in our edge platform, buffered and then made available to the desired IT system or application. EDGE CONNECT from FORCAM usually runs close to the machine in the customer’s network to avoid bandwidth limitations.

Use the database to identify optimization potential

With our standardized interface, EDGE CONNECT provides machine data for all your shop floor and top floor applications. The data transparency on your store floor enables you to use the information gained to achieve sustainable improvement processes in your store floor management. This gives you an ideal tool to make the right decisions efficiently.

"With EDGE CONNECT, customers can connect their brownfield to SAP solutions and integrate with SAP processes so they can take full advantage of digital twins"
"Value creation in factories starts with being able to digitally connect all machines - old and new"


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