Machine Repository

Global scalability for digitization projects in production

Machine templates ensure that the individual effort per machine connection is minimal. Templates can be created individually, or existing ones can be easily adapted. The templates’ existing configuration is transferred to a new machine’s connection with just a few clicks. This turns the digitization project into a time- and resource-saving piece of cake. The result is a standardized connection of identical machines. This leads to the comparability of machines of the same type.

  • Create your library of connection configurations
  • Templates contain the relevant connectivity information for a machine type or use case
  • Reuse templates to connect the same or similar machine types
  • Creates comparability of machine data
  • Significantly accelerates digitization projects

Connect machines faster than ever before

With a conventional machine connection, all machine configurations must be made individually. This is extremely time-consuming. The Machine Repository offers many templates containing data from existing machine connections. Select the appropriate template for the machine. The corresponding machine template automatically takes over the rest. You only need to store machine-specific (e.g., serial number) and connection-specific information (e.g., IP address). The time required is significantly reduced, and digitization projects are massively accelerated.

Create enterprise-wide comparability

Thanks to the templates from the Machine Repository, machine connectivity is standardized. Machines are thus made comparable across the enterprise. Machine measures that have already been validated can be quickly applied to other machines of the same type. This leads to a better performance increase for the company.

Create your templates

If special templates are needed for the machines, this is easily possible. New templates can be created and added to the machine repository anytime. These are then available throughout the company. This creates a cost-saving solution with global machine connectivity.