Social, Ecological, Economical

Sustainability Initiative bei FORCAM.

“We all want the economy and society to organize climate-friendly coexistence as quickly as possible. Digitization is the key to this.”

Dietmar Hopp

FORCAM strives to contribute to the sustainability-oriented development of society in all its economic and social activities.

All products, services as well as internal processes and methods are geared towards an environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and cost-conscious use of resources.

When it comes to sustainability, we also act in accordance with our three corporate values: openness, appreciation, reliability.

With small as well as large measures in the areas of social affairs, ecology and economy, we try to live up to the claim of a good, sustainably acting corporate citizen.

Sustainable manufacturing for our customers

Energiemonitoring in der Produktion

CO2 neutrality

There is a powerful tool for the big goal of a climate-neutral economy: digitization. Through data-driven manufacturing, our solutions contribute to resource efficiency and climate neutrality.

This enables our customers to monitor and optimize energy consumption or CO2 emissions from factories. Factory teams, for example, use our MES apps “Performance Analysis” combined with our “Energy Monitoring“. The correlated data can automatically deploy the most energy-efficient factory machines for each order – a measurable contribution to climate protection.

Visualisierung von Kennzahlen in der Produktion wie OEE

Save resources

The way forward is via the so-called digital twin of production. It makes it possible to identify waste and errors in factories in real-time, analyze them virtually and optimize them in real terms.

Rückverfolgbarkeit von Teilen in der Produktion

Near-Zero Defect Factory

Our solutions enable and create the digital twin of production. Specialized applications help to increase energy efficiency, performance (OEE), quality, maintenance, operation, and Track & Trace (Traceability).

Shopfloor Termin für das Dokumentenmanagement

Paperless factory

The near-zero-defect factory operates largely automatically – all evaluations, analyses, and alarms are available digitally on all browser-enabled end devices.

Example: our MES app Document Management. The application digitizes, manages, and dispatches all the workers’ data for their work processes. The information is prepared as required and made available promptly at the critical point of use. The employees can organize their work process independently and optimize it sustainably.

Saving paper makes a significant contribution to resource efficiency. Here’s a small calculation: 10,000 pages require 26 liters of water, 50 kilograms of CO2, and 150 kilograms of wood in production.

Martin Strehl, BorgWarner Cooling Systems GmbH (Baden-Württemberg)

"The FORCAM solution enables us to quickly collect energy data in production and use it to create the corresponding evaluations for continuous energy monitoring. We can call up this data in the system in real time at any time. In this way, we have our energy costs under control in the short and long term."

Kai-Uwe Weiß, LESER GmbH & Co. KG (Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein)

"We have increased OEE by more than 12 percent in eight bottleneck centers for complex molds already in the pilot phase."

Christoph Renner, REICH GmbH

"We have accurate, real-time performance data available to us anytime, anywhere. This enables us to manage manufacturing globally, efficiently and adaptively."

Sustainability within FORCAM

Within the FORCAM company, too, sustainability is a task close to our hearts. In doing so, we act according to our three corporate values: openness, appreciation, reliability.

With small and big measures in the areas of social, ecology and economy we try to meet the demand of a good, sustainable acting corporate citizen.

Nachhaltige Mobilität bei FORCAM.

Sustainable mobility

According to the German Federal Ministry of Transport, 7.5 million tons of CO2 could be saved if 30 percent of car trips of less than 6 km were made by bicycle.

  • FORCAM offers all employees the opportunity to lease a bicycle through JobRad, providing a healthy and sustainable alternative for short trips.
  • To improve sustainability even for longer business trips, our Car Policy also allows electric vehicles.
  • FORCAM locations will receive the necessary charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. In this way, we also offer those visiting us a worry-free journey with an electric vehicle.

Returnable glass bottles

According to the German Environmental Aid Association, one returnable bottle of mineral water made of glass (0.75 liters) replaces 28 disposable plastic bottles. We have therefore decided to switch completely to reusable glass bottles, to purchase these from a regional supplier, and to eliminate plastic bottles from our range altogether.

Home Office für alle FORCAM Mitarbeitende.

Home Office

For many years now, FORCAM employees have had the opportunity to use home office. In this way, we create a better balance between career and family.

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