Foundation Wellness Success Story

The path to greater efficiency and profitability

Foundation Wellness is a leading brand in pain relief, prevention, and general well-being. Its core products include insoles, footwear, and foot care products. The company is known for brands such as PowerStep®, CURREX®, Foot Petals®, FLAT SOCKS®, and Doctor Hoy’s®.

Initial situation and challenges: Before implementing a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Foundation Wellness relied on manual processes to capture data. This inefficiency led to a lack of transparency, which hindered quick problem-solving and strategic decision-making. Problems were often addressed reactively and in the short term, without long-term optimization.

  • Lack of transparency impairs responsiveness
  • Lack of data leads to “Whac-A-Mole” approach in factories
  • Manual data collection hampers strategic decision-making

Goals: Foundation Wellness planned to increase efficiency and use accurate data to make better decisions by implementing a data-driven MES. The implementation aimed to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and enable user-friendly visualization of production results.

Summary: Foundation Wellness has made the transformation to a smart factory, resulting in significant improvements in production processes. The introduction of FORCE MES FLEX enabled more efficient data collection, better strategic decision-making and increased overall productivity. The company established a data-driven decision-making culture that shortened response times and improved business results.

Added value:

  • Overall equipment effectiveness OEE increased
  • Scrap decreased
  • Improved operational transparency for all teams
  • More efficient production

In addition to the success story, you will also receive an interview with Eric Jarvis, Operations Manager at Foundation Wellness. He explains the necessary steps for a successful MES introduction and use.

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