Southbound Link – Connect your machine park digitally

With the EDGE CONNECT solution, companies of any size can quickly and reliably digitize old and new machines and plants. The solution allows you to digitize machine signals from controllers of different manufacturers. The connection between the solution and plant controllers can be greatly simplified thanks to plug-in functionality.

The plug-in component is divided into two types:

  1. Machine Data Collection (MDC)
  2. and Distributed Numerical Control (DNC).

MDC plug-ins allow data reading and signal transmission in both directions, while DNC plug-ins simplify the transmission and reading of NC files. By regularly updating the plug-in portfolio, optimal connectivity is maintained. The Connectivity & Model module can convert the acquired signals into standardized events.

In short, the plug-in approach of EDGE CONNECT enables a fast and efficient data acquisition process.

MDC Plug-ins

The EDGE MDC layer manages the concrete connection of the machines. Key elements include:

  • Selection of the appropriate plug-in
  • Communication with the machine controller
  • Configuration of the machine master data
  • Setting up the network connection
  • Definition of the machine signals
  • Forwarding the machine signals to the EDGE composition layer


The EDGE DNC layer ensures that machines with an NC supply are properly integrated. This includes:

  • Selecting the appropriate plug-in to communicate with the machine controller
  • Configuring the machine master data
  • Setting up the network connection
  • Configuration of the DNC supply
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