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With Smart Factory solutions from FORCAM-ENISCO, you create your factory of the future.

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We are the experts in discrete manufacturing

Our solution is the shortest way to digitize your production.

Easy entry into digital manufacturing

We get you to the Smart Factory – quickly and easily.

Full transparency for more added value

We eliminate bottlenecks and increase the efficiency of your production.

Modular and Scalable

From cloud architectures to applications – our solutions grow with your needs

Do you have questions? We have answers

What are the advantages of an MES in discrete manufacturing?

Which machines can I integrate using FORCAM-ENISCO?

What is E-MES and what is special about it?

What do I need to consider when switching to the SAP DMC?

How long does it take to implement the Forcam MES?

How do FORCAM-ENISCO solutions support my company in effective energy management?

What customers say about FORCAM

Martin Strehl

"With FORCAM, we've not only reduced inventory and setup costs, but more importantly, we've increased on-time delivery to our customers to over 99 percent."

Axel Bienhaus

"If the press shops are churning out 20% more parts within a year with the help of FORCAM, then the investment in a new software architecture has really paid off."

Roland Sommer
Krones AG

"We achieved a +11% increase in utilization with FORCAM FORCE™ during our four-month trial period."

Tanja Knechtskern
Grammer AG

"Above all, we wanted to make costs visible. To do this, we had to bring production and controlling together."

Increase your added value and meet future challenges today.

With FORCAM-ENISCO, you can transition to the Smart Factory – simply and efficiently. You gain transparency across all processes. You increase your efficiency and save valuable resources. And you increase the resilience of your production. We will show you how it’s done.

Increase efficiency

Save energy

Increase resilience

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