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MES Lösungen in einer offenen Plattform-Lösung visusell dargestellt mit einer Maschine, welche Daten für das MES liefert.

Increase your business outcome through digital transformation

FORCAM supports companies with innovative digitization solutions to master the challenges of digital transformation in the long term.
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Increase efficiency

through digital real-time workflows

Reduce operating costs

through process transparency

Ensure liquidity

through optimized use of resources

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Technology that increases enterprise value

FORCAM FORCE™️ is the first turnkey and manufacturer-independent IT platform for the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It functions as a central data hub and enables companies to improve their efficiency and workflows significantly. With the help of a large number of apps, operating results can be increased sustainably – and thus, the value of the entire company.

In collaboration with leading industrial companies, software specialists and universities, a kind of industry standard has now been established: More than 100,000 people and machines worldwide already work more productively with FORCAM FORCE™.

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Successful digitization projects can only succeed together. With our IIoT platform, we offer a vital and growing partner ecosystem. So that you can always work with a solution that is leading in every aspect – application, technology, sales, and service.

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Trust and reliability are the basis of every business relationship. That’s why our support teams are always there for you if you have any questions or need assistance. With numerous professional services, we accompany your digital transformation journey – from pilot to full deployment.

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Open platform, open corporate culture

Integrity, mutual respect, and dependability – these are our corporate values. We live them at all of our locations. These values also reflect our work philosophy: Our IIoT platform solution is open to all systems and partners. We always strive for the highest reliability in consulting and implementation and thus earn the appreciation of our customers. Our mission:

We Deliver Results in Productivity.

About us

What our customers say about FORCAM

Axel Bienhaus

"If the pressing plants use FORCAM to produce 20% more parts within one year, then the investment in a new software architecture has really paid off."

Martin Thorden
GKN Aerospace

“Strategically, the biggest risk of NOT having this FORCAM FORCE™ Technology is that we would be out performed by our competitors.”

Cui Qiwei
FAW-VW Changchun

“FORCAM has a great strength on machine data collection and provides a very good OEE analysis therefore FAW-VW Changchun has decided to rollout to all the other press lines with the FORCAM solution”

Martin Strehl

"With FORCAM we have not only reduced inventory and set-up costs, but above all increased delivery reliability to over 99 percent."