Smart Factory Solutions from FORCAM-ENISCO

Create your factory of the future. Learn more about the solutions we offer for your digitalization of production.

Connect brownfield and greenfield machines easily and quickly

With FORCAM FORCE EDGE you can create the data basis for your Smart Factory in no time at all

  • efficient and user-friendly machine connectivity
  • semantic data model (signals are given meaning)
  • usable machine data in any system (SAP DMC, FORCAM FORCE IIOT, etc.)

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Fast-entry into digital production

The entry solution into digital production FORCAM FORCE SAAS offers you two standardized key performance indicators (KPIs) with two use cases, machine availability and OEE. This enables you to achieve initial efficiency gains for your company quickly. These are your advantages:

  • simple and inexpensive entry into digital production
  • transparency of your production processes
  • decision-making basis for your CIP process

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Modular expansion of your solution based on your needs

FORCAM FORCE IIOT offers you all critical MES functionalities for your Smart Factory. You can individually design and modularize your solution based on your individual needs and goals. Your advantages:

  • Analysis, planning, and control functions through integrated MES apps
  • Automated workflows with Microsoft Power Automate
  • Extensive app marketplace for additional use cases

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Master the digital transformation across your enterprise

FORCAM provides consulting and implementation services to customers by designing, developing, implementing, and integrating the SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud. You lay the foundation for a globally scalable solution across all your sites:

  • visibility from the workplace to all plants
  • integrated processes and seamless collaboration between systems
  • native integration with SAP ERP systems ECC and S4/Hana

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Have manufacturing firmly under control

With the modular Manufacturing Execution System E-MES from ENISCO, your production processes are firmly under control. The solution provides integrated data acquisition, analysis, display, transparency, and logistics processes. Your advantages:

  • Automation: control your material flow in production actively and highly flexibly by mouse click and drag-and-drop in real-time.
  • Hardware independence: integrate all common control systems
  • Modular structure: use the functionalities you need

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