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Keynote highlights Q2 2024: New functions of EDGE CONNECT and MES FLEX

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We are pleased to present the latest updates and improvements to our EDGE CONNECT and MES FLEX products. In this blog post, you will learn more about the new features that make working with our solutions even more efficient and user-friendly. The main topics include EDGE node groups, energy reports, and the parts list view at the shop floor terminal (SFT). We also offer a preview of other upcoming product innovations.

EDGE CONNECT: Improved authorizations with the EDGE-Node-Groups

In EDGE CONNECT, we have made considerable progress in refining the authorization concept in user administration.
One of the outstanding features is the introduction of EDGE-Node-Groups.

  • By grouping EDGE-Nodes, you can now define which users can access specific EDGE nodes.
  • The users’ roles and authorizations are retained, but they only apply to the assigned EDGE-Nodes; all other EDGE-Nodes are invisible. This function is optional and can be activated and configured in the User Administration section of the EDGE-Configuration.

This enhancement aims to reflect our customers’ corporate structures and working environments. Local key users can be named, and they have full access to dedicated nodes at their location. They can easily identify the EDGE nodes they are responsible for and only see the information they need for their tasks. On the other hand, central administrators and superusers retain an overview of all connected EDGE nodes and the users assigned to them.

MES FLEX: Detailed Energy Reports

Next, let’s examine the improved energy reports in MES FLEX. Our reporting module offers a wealth of predefined reports, and the energy reports make analyzing energy consumption in your production a breeze.

A detailed analysis is essential whether you want to save energy, demonstrate the environmental friendliness of your products to your customers, or simply get a comprehensive overview of your energy consumption. With our energy data logging, you can analyze energy consumption at individual workstations, by order, or by operating status.

Predefined reports show which machines in your plant consume the most energy. Analysis by workstation or operating status helps to identify load peaks and provides actionable insights. In addition, energy reports by job or material allow you to calculate the energy consumption of your products to meet customer or regulatory requirements. These predefined energy reports are available regardless of whether you use the Track and Trace module.

Bill of materials view in the Shopfloor Terminal

We are also pleased to introduce a new feature in MES FLEX for the shopfloor: a particular BOM view for the shopfloor terminal that bundles all actions related to material handling. This view allows you to trigger actions such as reordering components or reporting material problems.

You can configure the associated activity steps according to your needs using a Groovy script. Our aim is to consolidate all material and component-related actions on this basic page to improve the software’s user-friendliness and efficiency.

Sneak Peek: Workflow improvements in the Shop Floor Terminal

Finally, you will receive a preview of our future version—a two-monitor setup for the shop floor (SFT). This setup will allow you to display process-related documents on a separate monitor without blocking the shop floor terminal, keeping it fully functional.

Production-related documents are displayed on a separate monitor, avoiding pop-up windows that could disrupt the workflow. After the release, we will provide more details on this feature in our upcoming keynote video.


We hope you find our new features and improvements in EDGE CONNECT and MES FLEX applicable. These innovations are designed to improve efficiency, accuracy, and ease of use.

Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from FORCAM ENISCO.

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