Detailed Planning

Reduce planning effort by more than 70 percent

Growing data volumes, shorter product cycles, rapidly changing customer requirements: modern production planning is high art. Flexibility is the order of the day. Therefore: Say goodbye to analog planning boards, Excel tables, and other resource guzzlers!

With the FORCAM application Detailed Planning, you use resources optimally, maximize the utilization of your production, and reduce your planning effort by more than 70 percent. You have an overview of all orders in real-time and recognize bottlenecks immediately. You can react quickly to new customer requests and deadlines and establish an increasingly flexible supply chain.

Your added value

  • Production, storage, and material costs are reduced
  • The planning effort is significantly reduced
  • Setup and throughput times are optimized
  • Greater adherence to delivery dates, higher customer satisfaction
  • Immediate and flexible response to fluctuations and bottlenecks
  • Transparency