Success Story NMH GmbH


NMH GmbH is one of the “hidden champions” for complex measuring, testing and assembly systems. The company is based in Hohentengen in Baden-Württemberg (Germany).


  • Manage the entire production without paper
  • Make work easier for factory teams
  • Increase efficiency and conserve resources


  • NMH’s proprietary manufacturing software CoCo controls all processes centrally
  • Heterogeneous machines with FORCAM’s FORCE EDGE CONNECT solution
  • Real-time analyses through the integration of the FORCAM solution FORCEM MES LITE

Added value

  • After just five days, workers are working with real-time analytics on machine utilization, downtime, and reasons for defects
  • In production circa 15% faster than before
  • Machine availability for milling increased by 30% on average