Track & Trace

Full control over the entire value creation process

A must in modern factories: the complete traceability of every component, every product, and every process at any time. Only with algorithm-controlled solutions can manufacturing companies today meet the many legal requirements and quickly offer their customers precise analyses across the entire value-added process.

With the FORCAM traceability application, you can use the Track & Trace principle to determine at any time how and where a product or component was manufactured, stored, or transported. They ensure seamless traceability along the entire supply chain.

And: Our event-controlled data acquisition processes all process-relevant characteristic data such as force, temperature, and pressure and saves them for later evaluations. This helps you to comply with legal requirements and at the same time, strengthens your position in legal disputes with suppliers or customers.

Your Value

  • Highest transparency in the manufacturing process
  • Cost-saving compliance with legal requirements
  • Meeting increasing customer requirements
  • Determine the exact causes of faults
  • Minimize product liability risks
  • Precise conclusions for complaints
  • Improve overall quality

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