Ticket System

Distribute tasks effectively and track actions

Who takes care of what until when? Order is half the battle in production. With the FORCAM Ticketing System application, tasks can be distributed electronically, measures taken, and the respective process status retrieved at any time.

Practical example: Time and again, the required tools are not available on time at a specific workstation. Result: delayed delivery of the product. Equipped with the FORCAM Ticketing system, the worker enters at his terminal,

  • the need for action
  • who has to care
  • by when which priority should be given to trade

It is then possible to distribute the action tickets also by e-mail and to insert files or photos for demonstration purposes. The status of each ticket (completed/open/work) can be tracked by all participants at any time.

In addition, the FORCAM Ticketing system can be used to map health & safety tasks or personnel-related topics electronically. In this way, health and safety issues can be visualized in a user-friendly way.

Your added value

  • Aufgaben und Maßnahmen im Shopfloor effektiv organisieren
  • Alle Aufgabenprozesse jederzeit nachvollziehen können
  • Health- & Safety-Themen im Shopfloor Management elektronisch abbilden

Functional scope

  1. Creating tickets in the terminal
  2. Manage tickets in the office
  3. Edit ticket
  4. Distribute tickets (e-mail, PDF)
  5. Visualize tasks and measures in the shop floor