Connector to Microsoft

Design digital factory workflows with FORCAM & Microsoft Power Automate

A new era of intelligent manufacturing: With over 400 apps from the Microsoft ecosystem – from Microsoft Office to Trello to Salesforce – workers in manufacturing plants can now organize, automate and digitize all the processes in their factory. With Microsoft Power Automate, manufacturing teams can configure automated and event-driven workflows through simple configuration without programming effort.

The bridge to the app ecosystem Microsoft Power Automate is built by FORCAM

Connector FORCE Bridge: Whether tool breakage or missing material – teams organize their work to identify and eliminate errors and downtime in real time.

Your added value

  • Your company has access to the entire Microsoft app ecosystem with its data for your individual needs
  • Automation of workflows in real-time
  • Work 4.0 – each team and role organizes workflows using the most popular digital solutions
  • Easily configure your plant and factory applications
  • User-friendly GUIs and relief from routine tasks
  • In case of deviations from planned KPIs, automated measures are taken in real-time


  • Alerting of deviations from Key figures via Outlook or push notifications
  • Employees receive immediate remote support in case of malfunctions & downtimes

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