White Paper: Advanced Shop Floor Management

How MES and IIoT complement each other

What characterizes an MES system

A Manufacturing Execution System collects, analyzes, and presents real-time information about the production process to enable optimized production control.

As a production control system, MES software connects the shop floor systems with the top floor systems, i.e., product and process data from production with personnel data, merchandise management and logistics from corporate planning.

The MES system puts recorded technical data into an overall business context. The result is higher-level analyses, which in turn form the data foundation for the tasks in the ERP. The MES remains the central data source – the single source of truth – across the entire value chain from the shop floor to the top floor.

Optimize production holistically with an MES
The underlying data in a manufacturing execution system can come from an IIoT application or directly from
a connectivity solution in the MES. Supplemented by order and product data, this creates new insights for
product and process optimization.

Dr. Alexander Schließmann, Lead Value Engineer at FORCAM-ENISCO: “An MES system not only knows that a part has just been produced, but also whether it is a good part or a reject – or which order the part belongs to and how many parts still need to be produced until the order is complete.

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