10 Tips For Higher Added Value in Production

MES and Lean Management

In today’s competitive manufacturing landscape, efficiency and agility are more crucial than ever. Learn from Alexander Schliessmann, a leading expert in lean management and data integration, how to transform your production processes using smart data.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. The Importance of Smart Data:
    Understand why digitally recorded data is essential for transparent, efficient, and flexible production.
  2. Achieving Smooth Order Flow:
    Discover strategies to ensure a continuous order flow from acceptance to delivery using lean management and smart data.
  3. Strategic Data Management:
    Learn how to organize data flow for optimal production agility and responsiveness.
  4. Defining Lean Data:
    Get insights into the new concept of ‘lean data’ and how it integrates with lean management principles.
  5. Role of Key Figures:
    Explore the importance of metrics like OEE and their role in the overall production process.
  6. MES and Team Empowerment:
    Find out how Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and digital education can empower your team for better productivity.

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