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New product names sharpen our positioning as an MES provider

Published: · Last updated: · 3 min reading time

To sharpen our positioning with customers, business partners, and prospects, we have changed the product names of our FORCAM FORCE solution family. We thereby also underline the close cooperation with ENISCO. Nothing will change for existing IT solutions.

These are the new product names of the FORCAM FORCE solution family

We are pursuing two objectives with this measure:

First, we sharpen FORCAM’s clear positioning as an established provider of MES solutions for discrete manufacturing.

Second, we underline the close cooperation between FORCAM and ENISCO. ENISCO’s main product is E-MES, the modular MES complete solution for entire manufacturing processes. The combined MES expertise of both companies is expressed in the new names of the FORCAM products.

The FORCAM FORCE family of solutions at a glance

Smooth machine connectivity and unified data model

FORCE EDGE CONNECT is a smart platform solution for machine connectivity that provides visibility into production. All plants in existing heterogeneous machine parks are connected smoothly. Even old existing plants (brownfield) can be subsequently digitally networked, regardless of age and manufacturer. There is no need to invest in new machines.

Using a smart plug-in concept, FORCE EDGE CONNECT accepts signals from different sources and translates them into a uniform “language”, a semantic data model. This is provided to downstream MES and ERP systems as a unified data source via various communication protocols (OPC UA, REST, MQTT, and Kafka). Integration of desired systems only needs to be done once – time-consuming manual work is reduced.

Flexible MES platform solution to freely compose apps and solutions

FORCE MES FLEX provides manufacturing companies with a flexible platform to increase the efficiency of their production lines and sustainably support the CT process. Included are comprehensive function packages that enable easy planning, monitoring, control and optimization of production processes. The offering ranges from detailed planning and document management to performance analysis (OEE) and traceability (Track and Trace) to energy monitoring. FORCE EDGE CONNECT handles machine connectivity.

Predefined use cases enable a quick entry into smart manufacturing. Factory teams get real-time as well as historical analytics in a short time and can flexibly align their ME system to their needs. Third-party MES and ERP systems can be integrated quickly and conveniently via open interfaces. This creates the right solution architecture for every need.

MES packaged solution for quick entry into the Smart Factory

FORCE MES LITE is the perfect choice for companies looking to get started with digital manufacturing. It offers two standard packages that provide solutions tailored to your specific needs.

FORCE MES LITE allows to achieve optimized results in a short time. All features are provided as standard and for on-premise deployment. An upgrade to the FORCE MES FLEX solution is possible at any time.


With new product names for the FORCAM FORCE family of solutions, FORCAM sharpens its positioning as an established MES provider. Furthermore, we underline the close cooperation between FORCAM and ENISCO, and ENSICO’s main product, E-MES.

  • FORCAM FORCE EDGE is now called FORCE EDGE CONNECT. The solution enables the connection of existing plants in heterogeneous machine parks and generates a uniform data model for further systems.
  • FORCAM FORCE IIOT is now called FORCE MES FLEX. The solution includes a wide range of modular MES functions. Open interfaces integrate desired third-party systems. Companies flexibly create their individual IT architecture.
  • FORCAM FORCE SAAS is now called FORCE MES LITE. The solution enables SMEs to enter the smart factory easily. Two standard packages are included: Machine Availability and Performance Analysis (OEE).