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Shopfloor Management (SFM)

Shopfloor management is a term from lean management. Accordingly, shopfloor management is a strategy for optimizing management concepts in the manufacturing sector. Therefore, it is often referred to as an instrument for “leading at the point of value creation.” The aim is to continuously improve the cooperation between employees and managers to permanently optimize its effectiveness. The shopfloor management concept consists of four essential components:

Leadership: The approach emphasizes the importance of the leadership role. The requirements here are:

  • Self-reflection.
  • A positive error culture.
  • Constant exchange with employees on-site in production.
  • Directional communication of goals.

Communication: Good communication should take place at eye level and on-site to be as close to the action as possible. It should also strengthen the self-management of employees.

Visualization: The Shopfloor Management Board is an essential tool here. It should provide up-to-date production information clearly and understandably for all employees.

Structured problem-solving: Problem-solving procedures should be a continuous and sustainable process that all employees can understand and that is firmly integrated into the processes.