Application Partners – Adaptive Data Services

Increase productivity, improve quality GmbH (INCTEC) offers software for the analysis and early detection of malfunctions and defects in machines, plants, and industrial infrastructures using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The App-Suite Predictive Execution of supports the increase in productivity and quality and delivery reliability in production. It enables an effective use of artificial intelligence methods already for small data thanks to the semantic model of the production processes of FORCAM FORCE. Self-learning algorithms with a global view of production provide recommendations at the workstations – role-dependent and in real time.

Added Value

  • Creation of transparency about the planned production processes
  • Improvement of the scheduling
  • Reduction of machine downtimes
  • Detection and prevention of quality problems
  • Increase in overall plant efficiency/overall plant efficiency
  • Easy integration with existing business systems

Scope of Functions

  • Predictive Order and Operations – Identify planning situations with increased risk of overdue, production stoppage, and faulty production processes.
  • Predictive Maintenance – prediction of machine failures.
  • Predictive OEE – a multidimensional trend analysis and identification of critical areas and bottlenecks in quality, availability and throughput.
  • Predictive Quality – evaluation of quality metrics on the production line and identification of parameters that influence critical quality and process metrics.