White Paper: Planning vs. Reality

How digitalized processes increase planning quality

“The art of making plans is to get ahead of the difficulties of their execution.”

Luc de Clapiers. 

Many occurances require production planning to react dynamically to actual circumstances and make the best possible use of the situation through planning alternatives. The influencing factors can be short-term change requests, fixed delivery dates, malfunctions in machines
and systems, lack of availability of qualified employees, unexpectedly slow progress in production, and many others.

However, without information about the current production status due to a lack of digitized manufacturing processes, companies lack the necessary decision-making basis for short-term control and long-term optimization of their production. The increasing complexity of the equipment and systems to manufacture products requires minimizing the human factor. Digitizing production by connecting the machinery and systems offers a viable way to deal with the sheer volume of data, increase planning quality, react flexibly to unexpected events and meet delivery deadlines, and reduce the burden on employees.

More themes in this White Paper:

  • Why planning, delivery times, and unit costs are often distorted
  • Examples of disruptive factors that influence production planning
  • Real-time transparency as a basis for decision-making
  • Collecting, standardizing, and using data

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