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SAP Digital Manufacturing (DM) for Discrete Manufacturing  

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Gain an advantage in digital manufacturing with SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM). This modern cloud solution gives you the foundation for intelligent planning, control, monitoring, and optimization of your production. Learn how SAP DM puts the benefits of Industry 4.0 at your fingertips.

SAP DM provides answers to your challenges

Manufacturing companies face a variety of challenges and changing market conditions

  • Small lot sizes down to lot size 1
  • Shorter life cycles
  • Rising costs for resources and energy
  • Global competition
  • Stricter legal regulation of production

With a MES system like the SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM), you get a suitable solution that actively supports you in these challenges. You can dynamically adapt to change and development without losing control of costs.

Data-driven insights for better decisions

Gain data-driven insights from SAP DM that enable better decisions faster.

  1. Map your production processes flexibly and efficiently
  2. Deliver individualized products that meet customer requirements
  3. Plan, control, monitor, and optimize your production processes

SAP Digital Manufacturing  – The MES Solution

SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM) is an MES system that links production and the ERP system. With this MES system, you create transparency across your plants and take advantage of the opportunities of digitalization for yourself.

SAP Digital Manufacturing for Execution

The SAP Digital Manufacturing for Execution offers you, among other things, an efficient, secure, and integrated production control center. This gives you the advantage of quickly capturing and processing data from the shop floor through the workforce. Production decision-makers gain access to accurate, real-time information to make better decisions based on data.

Create Visibility into Production Processes

Powerful analytics and insights into current processes support you in your operations. Gain transparency across all levels – from the top floor to the shop floor. All data is reported to the ERP system, enabling you to create a network between production and store floor levels so that adjacent departments are immediately informed.

Paperless Production

Intuitive user interfaces (UI) make it possible to move to paperless production. Digitized job documents and worker guidance help you reduce costs, produce more agilely, and increase productivity.

All Important Information at a Glance

SAP Digital Manufacturing for Execution provides a single source for all critical information needed to plan and control manufacturing processes. This includes data from various sources such as machine data, tool data, and inventory information. Likewise, companies can also use the solution to monitor and control multiple sites.

SAP DMi – Intelligent Analytics for Global Manufacturing

SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights (DMi) gives you an easy-to-use, intuitive, self-service platform for manufacturing analytics. This platform provides real-time visibility and insight into manufacturing capacity utilization to make smarter business decisions and improve efficiency through informed change.

Dissolve Traditional Silo Thinking

With SAP Digital Manufacturing for Insights (DMi), you can break down the traditional silos between product development, logistics, and manufacturing by connecting processes across the supply chain. This gives them visibility into their manufacturing operations and enables them to optimize performance while ensuring compliance. They also gain visibility into their manufacturing operations and can quickly identify output-related risks, optimizing their production performance.

Real-time visibility and insight into manufacturing operations

DMi’s self-service analytics platform helps companies do this, giving them real-time visibility and insight into operations. This enables more informed decision-making, leading to efficiency gains while increasing the resilience of their production and supply chain.

  • Recognize the optimization potential of measured production variances and their financial impacts.
  • Increase your efficiency and quality and reduce your costs in the process.

Predefined dashboards and KPIs

Contextualized data about your manufacturing processes help ensure smooth operations and continuous improvement of your production. Predefined dashboards and KPIs allow you to analyze and improve your production quickly.  Additionally, SAP DM has predictive analytics tools that can provide insights into potential problems before they become real. Over time, this will lead to increases in productivity.

SAP DM REO – Optimize Production Performance through Scheduling

SAP DM REO is a scheduling and shift planning tool that supports manufacturing production managers. Its automated scheduling helps identify gaps in order plans and supports local expertise by enabling adjustments based on unexpected events such as machine or employee breakdowns. Similarly, AI technology supports productive throughput, taking into account individual employee skills, setup times, and resource capacities, to ensure maximum efficiency of manufacturing processes.

Take Employee Availability into Account

Automatically schedule tasks and create shift schedules tailored to employee availability.

Identify High-priority Jobs

With this display system, you can identify high-priority orders quickly and easily. The system provides the data you need to manage order prioritization effectively. It supports your daily work to stay on top of things.

Effectively Plan your Resource Utilization

Notification concept for complete coverage of resource utilization. The app allows you to assign or unassign operations to plan effectively, maximize capacity, and balance resources.

SAP DM REO helps you improve your production performance with optimal planning.

Connecting Third-party Systems via SAP Analytics Cloud

With SAP Analytics Cloud, companies can collect and analyze data from multiple sources to make informed decisions. The platform also offers augmented analytics, predictive analytics, and machine learning features that enable users to gain smarter insights from their data.

Data providers can include the following:

    1. SAP Digital Manufacturing,
    2. other SAP systems
    3. or third-party systems

Merge Manufacturing Data with SAP S/4HANA and the SAP ERP Application

One focus of SAP Analytics Cloud is on gaining industrial insights. This goes beyond simple plant-level aggregation with additional data sources from SAP S/4HANA. Data warehouse applications such as SAP Data Warehouse Cloud can be used to provide live access to operational manufacturing data from SAP DM to gain better insights.

  • Merge manufacturing data with SAP S/4HANA and the SAP ERP application
  • Easily analyze data – With SAP Analytics Cloud, users can collect and analyze data from multiple sources to make informed decisions
  • Automated reporting – With automated report generation and intelligent modeling, users can gain insights even faster.
  • Machine Learning – Thanks to machine learning from SAP, your company can achieve better precision in data analysis.

Why Partner with FORCAM?

FORCAM works with you to make your smart factory a reality.

>20 Years of Experience in Developing and Implementing ME Systems

With more than two decades of experience in the field of MES, we are at your disposal as a competent partner. Our knowledgeable and trained experts will guide you through the integration and expansion of SAP DM. Our comprehensive offering guarantees your project success – across all locations.

Machine Connectivity Made Easy

FORCE EDGE CONNECT is a connectivity solution that integrates seamlessly with SAP DM. Regardless of machine control and manufacturer, we can digitize your machinery. All machines in your factory can thus be integrated into SAP DM within a few days. Your manufacturing in the cloud is real-time, detailed, and reliable. You get end-to-end connectivity from the store floor into your ERP. So, you get both the ERP and the machine data in your SAP DM.


SAP DM’s manufacturing execution system is both secure and scalable. Therefore, SAP DM is the perfect choice for companies that want to digitize their manufacturing processes globally.

With the Digital Manufacturing Cloud (SAP DMe, SAP DMi, and SAP REO), you get the tools you need to control, plan, monitor, and optimize your production.

Are you interested in SAP DM? We are happy to support you in making an informed decision. Call us!