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Managing digital transformation in the industry the right way

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Focus on “Digital Industry Transformation” – now in the new E3 magazine (June issue)

The consequences of the Corona shutdowns in the economy are not yet concretely foreseeable. What is clear is that the crisis is intensifying the challenge for manufacturing companies to drive digital transformation. The FORCAM management team explains in the trade magazine E3 what is essential now for manufacturing companies in terms of digitalization.

Franz Gruber: “Technology 4.0 needs transformation culture 4.0”.

“The consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic are creating new priorities on executive floors. Digitalization is part of the solution. But the principle remains: The digital transformation will only succeed according to the formula “First motivate people, then optimize machines.”

Dr. Andrea Rösinger: “Manufacturing smarter.”

“Manufacturing companies face an apparent IT dilemma: they need innovative solutions to remain competitive. At the same time, production must continue with inventory machines and inventory IT. The solution lies in intelligent, adaptable platform IT.”

Interview with Oliver Hoffmann: “Machines that tweet.”

“Uncertainty in the markets, potentials through IT platforms, the importance of partner marketplaces and why machines could also tweet – a conversation with Oliver Hoffmann, Co-CEO at Forcam and responsible for global sales.”