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Keynote Q1 2024

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Over the past few months, our team has been hard at work refining our offerings to meet our customers’ evolving needs. From enhancing our existing solutions to introducing groundbreaking features, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of possibility. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the key highlights of our latest developments.

Software Bill of Material is now integrated for improved Cybersecurity

The SBOM (the software bill of material) lists the various components used in a specific piece of software, that includes third-party libraries, open source software, and commercial libraries. The SBOM can be used to compare the specified libraries with vulnerability databases. This allows potential security risks to be identified efficiently.

Short Term Process Data in FORCE MES Flex let’s you monitor energy related process data

For large companies we already offer a solution to capture process data via our Track & Trace module. This requires a MongoDB.

With our short-term process data approach, we now offer a possibility for smaller installations to store process data in a SQL DB. At least for a limited time.+

Further processing of process data into energy data was previously restricted to our Track & Trace module. With this release we offer to use the short-term process data approach as the basis for the calculation of energy data.

Extended Alarming Function in our Track & Trace Component

Track & Trace Module: We extended the alarming function for violation rules.

Users are not only informed when a value violates a violation rule, but also when this disruption is resolved.

This way customers can monitor how long it takes to solve problems on the shopfloor level.

FORCE EDGE CONNECT now supports Kubernetes as Infrastructure

For our FORCE EDGE CONNECT, we now offer to deploy our software in a Kubernetes infrastructure.

Many of our customers already use Kubernetes for other applications. Now this can be used for FORCE EDGE CONNECT as well. This also means that customers can use Kubernetes internal tools for monitoring and other functions for the EDGE CONNECT as well.

The hardware requirements are the same as for the previous Docker infrastructure.

Communication JetStream ( is now supported in FORCE EDGE CONNECT

For the northbound interface via we already offered the possibility to communicate via Core NATS, the standard messaging API from NATS.

Now we also offer messaging via NATS JetStream as well.

NATS JetStream can store messages permanently, even if they have already been retrieved by the client. And customers can control when a message should be deleted.

The system also tests whether a subject exists during configuration. This saves time-consuming troubleshooting.

With this we help our customers to deal with the difficulties and problems that arise in day-to-day production.

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