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Intelligent Manufacturing – One step closer to the Smart Factory

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How to implement real-time workflows on your shop floor

Modern shop floor management ensures sustainable improvements for the “near-zero defect factory.” The entire production process must be made transparent with state-of-the-art IT to make errors and waste visible and eradicate able in real-time with the help of plausible data.

The backbone for this is a future-proof IIoT technology, which, like apps on a modern smartphone, is open and flexible so that it is possible to integrate third-party systems without difficulty. As a result, it improves not only machine and system runtimes but also processes significantly.

In the webinar “Introducing effective shop floor management”, our experts will demonstrate how manufacturing employees organize factory processes using more than 270 popular apps from the Microsoft Power Platform ecosystem – from Google and Microsoft Office to Sharepoint and Trello.


  • In the event of deviations from planned KPIs, factory managers or workers are alerted in real-time by an e-mail message via Microsoft Outlook and can take immediate countermeasures
  • Workers can request immediate help via Trello in the event of unknown faults, including simultaneous real-time reports via FORCAM

The IIoT platform solution FORCAM FORCE™ communicates seamlessly with the Microsoft Power Platform via a connector. All applications and solutions of the MS Power Platform – Flow and Power Apps – can be used by companies with their production data at a stroke.

The advantages are numerous:

  • Companies use the entire ecosystem of the Microsoft Power Platform
  • Production teams configure their factory app
  • Work 4.0: Each team and role organize workflows using the most popular digital solutions
  • User-friendly interfaces relieve you of routine tasks

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