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Digitizing machines – User interface

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An EDGE node is the bundling of signal acquisition from several machines. Depending on the amount of data, one or more EDGE nodes are used per plant. The nodes are managed centrally.

Full connectivity for your machinery

Simply digitize all your machines, regardless of age and manufacturer, with FORCE EDGE CONNECT.

The configuration of an edge node as well as a machine takes place completely in the EDGE Configuration of  FORCE EDGE CONNECT. The user-friendly interface guides through all relevant settings and displays all nodes and statuses in the overview.

After logging into the FORCE EDGE CONNECT Configuration, you will see the created nodes in the middle of the screen. With the name of the node (4), the number (7) and the status (6) of the connected machines.

At a glance, you can see how many Edge nodes are configured and how many nodes can be configured according to the license. (2)

Via the settings menu, the licensing, the user administration and the language can be viewed or adjusted.

Changes in the user administration regarding user rights can take up to 30 minutes until they take effect in the entire system.

Now let’s take a closer look at a node by selecting Show Details (8).

Here you can see a list of all connected machines and their status. In addition, you have the option of monitoring connected machines.

The TEMPLATE VERSION shows the current execution.

New machines can be added to the node with a simple click.

However, before we move on to connect a machine, we first create a new node.

We navigate back to the overview.

Add Edge Node

In FORCE EDGE CONNECT, nodes can be added in a few steps. An edge node corresponds to an instance of a connection variant. There can be several nodes per plant. They are logically bundled so that the load of machines is sensibly distributed.
To add a new edge node:
In the Nodes pane, click + Add Edge Node
In the following dialog, fill in all mandatory fields:

  • Name: This appears in the node overview as the node’s title.
  • URL: Consists of HTTP + IP address + host. Only one edge node can be created per URL.
  • API Key: The password assigned when the node was initially installed.
  • Optionally, you can add a description.

With Save, the new node is created.

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