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Attention Cost Trap: The Machine Connection

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When talking about production control systems such as MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), the machine connection is always a central and decisive topic. This is often the most significant cost driver in Industry 4.0 projects. Most of the time, and Industry 4.0 project falls or stands with the data acquisition. This is because companies today have an increasingly heterogeneous machine park on the factory floor, i.e., they own many different machines in terms of functionality, brand, degree of automation, and age. Therefore, an MES should be able to connect to any machine on the factory floor to seamlessly capture production data, quality data, process data, etc.

However, what does a data acquisition system like machine data acquisition (MDE) have to do?

The central element concerning the introduction of an MES is data acquisition or, more precisely, machine data acquisition. It is responsible for collecting, storing, and sharing information. Reliable and meaningful information can only be generated if the right data is collected. The biggest challenge in machine data acquisition is the connection of many different control systems and communication protocols. Only if the MES supports all required protocols and controls, a fast, cost-effective, and smooth machine connection can be achieved.

  • Capturing the right data for information acquisition
  • Support all required protocols and controls

FORCAM’s machine data acquisition delivers precisely that. With over 200 supported control types and the support of all standard communication protocols, even heterogeneous machine parks can be connected cost-effectively within a short time. Helpful here: pre-installed plug-ins. This means that the individual protocols and controls can be selected in the backend of the FORCAM FORCE solution.

Even the oldest machines become Internet-capable with FORCAM and can be easily connected by the FORCAM I/O controller with a 24V cable.

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