Connecting heterogeneous
machines of any construction year

Machine Connectivity 4.0: Start your digital transformation today. The first step is to gain transparency on the shop floor to discover optimization potentials, improve the quality of planning processes, establish track & trace, and prepare it for future applications. SAP´s Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC), together with FORCAM FORCE Edge, empowers you to do exactly that. The machine and model application from FORCAM allows you to connect all kinds of machines – even those that were never intended for digitization. The comprehensive brownfield connection of FORCAM helps you to unleash the full potential of SAP´s Digital Manufacturing Cloud.

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FORCAM FORCE Edge on SAP´s Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Overcome the challenge of connecting machines that were never intended for digitization and upgrade your machine park to the state-of-the-art software.

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Machine Connectivity & Model

FORCAM FORCE™ EDGE and its Machine Connectivity and Model record, harmonize, and deliver standardized machine data in the form of machine events to other systems such as the SAP DMC. It gives you the neccessary transparency over the production procceses and delivers a greater data quality and basis across all your systems in real-time. This way the data is always up to date and a better planning reliability can be achieved.

Digitize all your machines easily regardless of age

FORCAM FORCE™ Edge enables fast and easy connections of heterogeneous machine parks. It does not matter whether these machines are intended for network operation or not. The signals are recorded, harmonized, and made available in a standardized way across all systems.

Compare heterogeneous machines on a uniform data layer

We translate your different machine signals to a universal language. This enables you to do standardized queries and easily connect applications and artificial intelligence.

Providing the data basis for the identification of optimization potentials

With our standardized interface, we provide the machine data for all your shop floor and top floor applications. This data supports higher-level improvement processes to make the right decisions efficiently.

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