SAP DM Insights

Gain better insight into your manufacturing processes with SAP Digital Manufacturing for Insights. This solution provides real-time visibility and data to help you make informed decisions to optimize efficiency and performance.

Break down traditional silos between product development, logistics, and manufacturing

SAP Digital Manufacturing for Insights (DMi) provides a comprehensive view of the supply chain, connecting processes and eliminating silos between product development, logistics, and manufacturing. This ensures that manufacturers can respond quickly to changes in manufacturing-related risks while optimizing their production performance through improved visibility into operations. They have all the tools necessary to ensure compliance – without wasting time!

Gain visibility and insight for better decision-making

With SAP DMi, companies can make the most of their operations with real-time visibility and insight. Better decision-making capabilities maximize profits and ensure production and supply chain stability to control costs and optimize productivity.

Use predefined dashboards and KPIs to get started with data analysis quickly

Keep production running smoothly and increase efficiency with contextual data! Predefined dashboards and KPIs make it easy to get started analyzing your output, while SAP DMC’s predictive analytics provide insight into potential problems before they become a reality. With just these two tools, long-term productivity gains are within reach.

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