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Real-time Information with Peakboard

Peakboard is an all-in-one solution of hardware and software, with which data from various sources can be communicated, efficiently, and individually. The system plays out the information on displays of any size and is used, for example, in the areas of production and intralogistics. Peakboard combines the simplicity, flexibility, and display options of a digital signage application with the complexity of technical process data and key figures.

Possible data sources range from sensors and machines, Excel, and cloud solutions to ERP systems such as SAP. With Peakboard, employees at all levels and in all areas of the company receive the critical performance indicators that are most important to them in real-time and in an easily understandable way. This gives them a helpful overview of running processes and enables them to work more independently and efficiently.

Added Value

  • Individual: Perfectly fitting and straightforward for every workplace
  • Flexible: Interactive solutions for all interfaces and applications
  • Efficient: Lightning-fast, automated processing, and communication in real-time
  • Decentralized: Independent data visualization, no central server necessary

Scope of Functions

  • With Peakboard, a wide variety of data can be easily connected and visualized in real-time, from data formats such as JSON and XML, databases, and SAP to social media and machine, conveyor, and sensor information such as Siemens S7 and OPC UA.
  • With the Peakboard Designer, a wide variety of dashboards can be created in a short time to display all relevant information at a glance and in real-time.
  • The Peakboard-Box accesses the data sources directly via WLAN or LAN, aggregates the data for visualization, and transmits it via HDMI cable to the desired screen.
  • Peakboard does not require any external IT infrastructure such as servers and is therefore wholly autonomous and independent of the existing IT infrastructure. As a framework, the Peakboard offers a fully programmable and expandable program logic.