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Oculavis SHARE – Stop traveling – connect to the world!

Digital Transformation in the Fields of Maintenance, Customer Service or Quality Tasks

Reduce travel costs, increase productivity and quality of processes across locations by solving problems remotely. oculavis SHARE enables the digital transformation in the fields of maintenance, customer service or quality tasks.

“Why travelling when home is the best place to be?” Hundreds of thousands
of service technicians and know-how carriers from manufacturing companies ask themselves this question every day. To massively reduce travel costs and increase productivity, oculavis offers oculavis SHARE, the solution for the digital transformation of cross-location processes in maintenance, customer service or quality tasks. SHARE serves the worldwide networking of experts and technicians with mobile devices such as Smart Glasses, Tablets or Smartphones.

The software enables the easy creation of AR-based workflows, a remote expert video call optimised for industrial applications and extensive documentation options for the technical customer service of machine manufacturers and plant operators.

Added Value:

  • oculavis SHARE integrates easily into your existing process landscape and systems. As a cloud solution, it can be used immediately
  • Machine builders can establish new business models with oculavis SHARE. For example, the customers of a machine builder could pay for the troubleshooting via remote service as a pay-per-use model
  • oculavis SHARE can completely be white-labelled and appear in the App Stores of Google and Apple under your name with your individual look and feel.