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Our product – the CompanyMessenger

In the working world, chatting is becoming increasingly important alongside the classic e-mail. This requires a separate messenger platform with the CompanyMessenger of APPbyYOU. Most companies do not yet have their chat server and tolerate WhatsApp as a chat option for their employees. Open chat groups exist between employees, which reflect a completely different picture of the given company organization. Furthermore, business matters are communicated via WhatsApp, which must be viewed very critically for data protection reasons, especially since most customer projects are subject to a confidentiality agreement (NDA). The own CompanyMessenger is a future-oriented product for companies so that they can set up their messenger system. The administrator in the company specifies the chat groups and knows which employee is involved in which chat group. Furthermore, with its messenger system, the company is itself a platform operator and thus retains the data rights for communication between employees and business partners.