Getting a firm grip on manufacturing

ENISCO’s modular Manufacturing Execution System E-MES provides a comprehensive and integrated solution that ensures production processes are tightly controlled. With horizontal connectivity across the entire manufacturing process and vertical connectivity across all levels of operations, it enables consistent data collection, analysis, and presentation and transparent logistics control. Rely on ENISCO to effectively meet the challenges of your industry!

The E-MES platform forms the basis for E-MES with its basic E-MES functionalities as well as modules for administrative tasks and analysis. The following modules, among others, provide the necessary transparency in production:

  • Alarming.
    Stay informed and ensure smooth operations with comprehensive monitoring of all production-critical values. Get real-time feedback from sensors displayed in a clear interface to facilitate filtering. Adjust thresholds to receive instant notifications when limits are violated, or tolerances are not met – keeping critical data at your fingertips. Monitor temperatures, energy consumption, and more – key indicators that ensure efficient productivity in your facility’s daily tasks.
  • Trending.
    Use Trending to gain profound insights into data fluctuations and biases – from visualizing past index values to quickly detecting threshold violations to comparing to long-term trends. Perfect for professionals who want a complete picture of their data sets.
  • 2D Visualization.
    E-MES’ 2D Visualizer simplifies keeping an eye on your plant, providing comprehensive information with just one click. Quickly gain in-depth insights into your plant’s processes while staying within a single module!

The following apps, among others, provide easy management of users and devices:

  • User management with authorization concept
  • Client management with customizable settings for each end device
  • Diagnostic tool for testing connections (ERP, databases, PLCs, etc.)
  • App for adjusting variables in the PLCs during commissioning
  • Task Scheduler for setting time-controlled tasks in a plant
  • Logbook with an overview of user activities and configuration changes

What makes us stand out

E-MES is hardware-independent and works natively with all common controllers

E-MES integrates proven industry standards (OPC-UA, MQTT, REST, etc.)

E-MES achieves very low latency in data communication

E-MES offers active and highly flexible control of the material flow in production. By mouse click and drag and drop in real time.

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