Business Consulting

Comprehensive IT know-how on production and processes

For individual strategies and
successful ventures

As a FORCAM customer and business partner, you benefit from the many years of strategy and project experience of our teams in the era of Industry 4.0 and IIoT. We can draw on a broad spectrum of experience in various industries, some of which have widely differing framework conditions (e.g., series production vs. single-part production).

FORCAM bundles experience in business consulting and many years of-know-how in IT-supported production processes and all common shop floor management methods (Lean, CIP, PDCA etc). With this expertise, Business Consulting determines the requirements of manufacturing companies in requirement engineering and recommends appropriate solutions and concepts for digitization projects.

To this end, Business Consulting plans and coordinates the introduction of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform FORCAM FORCE™ together with the customer or partners. When designing solutions, we look at the customer’s entire value-added chain, focusing on the production process, taking into account both the horizontal flow of materials and the vertical flow of information. This holistic project approach includes not only the technical framework of the IIoT platform but also advice on the use of specific applications. It includes for example

  • the support of paperless production
  • the development and management of production using key figures (e.g., OEE)
  • the implementation of complete product traceability.