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White Paper: The Way to M4.0

Manufacturing companies see the importance and benefits of Manufacturing 4.0 (M4.0) and are beginning their digital transformations.

For the last 30 years, manufacturing has followed the Lean Management philosophy to stay competitive. Today, technology and the interconnectivity of things is the “new Lean” – and many manufacturing companies will fall further behind if this new concept of the operational revolution known as Manufacturing 4.0 isn’t realized. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enables Manufacturing 4.0 and allows powerful insight to help streamline business practices and deliver important results, including reduced costs, productivity improvement, better resilience and flexibility across the enterprise.

The emphasis is on bringing ideas together as well as machines. It also means linking all processes— not in a chain, as we have thought in the past, but into a cross-functional, hyper-connected, and data-driven manufacturing organization.

But, today’s manufacturers are still mapping out their journey, which requires digital (and ultimately, competitive) transformation. Where are you on your way to M4.0? This survey shows where your peers are in terms of readiness, expectations, investment and impact, as well as what’s next.

What is the key to competitiveness and resilience in manufacturing? Find out more. 

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With a global mindset and entrepreneurial spirit, Sandy Abraham works with and across the organization to execute on integrated marketing programs and to initiate compelling new operational models. Sandy loves pugs, travel, automotive engineering, the aerospace industry, and smart design.



Sandy Abraham

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