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Traceability – Creating Transparency in Production

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Transparency is a great buzzword. But how can manufacturing companies bring it to life in their complex production? How do you get a clear view of the factory, and can you significantly reduce the error rate?

Answer: With the right tool. Transparency is a critical success factor in the smart digital factory – and this can only be achieved with a new IT generation. IT solution must be able to meet utterly new performance parameters:
It must be able to adapt flexibly to various machine parks, process large amounts of data (Big Data) and provide the information in real-time in a user-friendly manner at all required locations on all end devices.

One of the most critical performance features of IT in a transparent Smart Factory is the seamless traceability of all processes and products. A correctly installed traceability function significantly reduces the error rate in the factory.

This is shown in the second part of the WHITE PAPER series on traceability from FORCAM. Contents:

  • Continuously transparent processes
  • Compliance with customer specifications and fulfillment of the requirements of the product liability law
  • Minimization of the product liability risk (limiting recall quantities)
  • Seamless determination of error causes

The associated case study deals with a medium-sized automotive supplier that had long tried unsuccessfully to install a practical traceability solution. After a year of change specifications, configurations, adaptations, and the import of patches and licenses, the plant management finally switched on FORCAM – and a solution was found in a short time.

Forcam has white papers and case studies available for free download:

Download CASE STUDY: Traceability as a success factor

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