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An industrial IoT Platform for Composition and Collaboration

Companies need a sustainable IT-architecture for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We present FORCAM FORCE™️, the first integrated IIoT solution for the digital transformation of your shop floor.

The mind of FORCAM’s platform solution is the unique intelligence of the rule engine, which generates a standardized data model for the entire company. The open web interface (FORCE Bridge API) enables vendor-independent compositions and collaborations of different apps and solutions.

Start the digital transformation of your production with a flexible, integrative IT platform.

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Data silos are the enemies of the Industry 4.0 concept. They limit profitability and productivity. The solution lies in a uniform data model based on an IIoT platform, which enables communication with own and third-party systems via open interfaces.


Open Technology Platform


Semantic Data Model


Vital Partner Ecosystem

Open Technology Platform

A holistic and vendor-independent IIoT platform acts as a central data hub for the data flow between your machines and the systems and applications operating on them. The connection of machines, devices, and sensors to the FORCAM FORCE™ platform is possible within a short amount of time thanks to pre-installed control plug-ins. FORCAM FORCE™ supports all common control types, from Fanuc to Heidenhain to Siemens. Agnostic ERP adapters ensure fast communication between Shop Floor and Top Floor.

Multidimensional Data Model

The central intelligence of an IIoT solution: The multidimensional data model reflects the significance of both signals and industrial solutions (production semantics).

From Big Data to Smart Data: The mind of the FORCAM FORCE™ platform is the semantic production data layer (rule engine). This central intelligence collects, sorts, and validates all captured data in real-time. The rule engine assigns the correct meaning to each signal in millisecond intervals and makes it available to each application as useful information.

One source of the truth: Each company creates an individual, uniform data model for all departments and applications – from the factory to finance, from signal to unit costs.

Vital Partner Ecosystem

In the Internet era, those who make it possible for many partners within an ecosystem to tap into new business sources are successful. FORCAM offers such an ecosystem around its holistic platform solution. Companies can use any of their own or third-party applications in their IT architecture via the open interface (Open API) and thus remain agile and independent of current and future applications. All desired ecosystem partners can contribute their applications, manufacturers, and suppliers work on a single platform with a uniform database. This is Shared Manufacturing Intelligence.

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