The three key elements of the Platform

Data silos are the enemies of the Industry 4.0 idea. They limit profitability and productivity. The solution lies in a uniform data model based on an IIoT platform that enables communication with own and third-party systems via open interfaces.


Open Technology Platform


Semantic Data Model


Open web interfaces

Open Technology Platform

As a central data hub, the FORCE BRIDGE Platform ensures the data flow between your machines and the systems and applications operating on them. The connection of machines, devices and sensors to the platform is possible within a short time via machine-specific adapters. All commercially available control types are supported, from Fanuc to Heidenhain to Siemens. With the help of ERP adapters, fast communication between shop floor and pot floor is ensured.

Semantic Data Model

A uniform data model is the fundamental prerequisite for intelligent production semantics and thus a true “Digital Twin”. From Big Data to Smart Data: All captured signals are validated in real-time and brought into a contextual relationship.

As a result, the correct meaning is assigned to each signal in millisecond intervals and made available as usable information to every IT application. The most important apps for manufacturing are already pre-installed.

The advantage: For each company, an individual universal data model is created for all departments and applications – from factory to finance, from signal to unit costs.

Open web interfaces

In the digital era, success comes to those who enable many partners in an ecosystem to tap into new sources of business. FORCAM offers such an ecosystem through its open platform technology with open web-interfaces (Open API): companies can use their own or third-party applications in their IT architecture and thus remain flexible and independent for current and future developments. All desired ecosystem partners can bring in their applications, manufacturers as well as suppliers work on one platform with a uniform database.

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