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Touch, tablet, smartphone – the digital transformation is transforming factories rapidly.
We made working in a smart factory even easier: For the first time, companies can enable their factory teams to work more efficiently and independently with around 400 industry-leading apps. How does it work? The new connector, FORCE Bridge, makes it all possible by building a bridge to the app universe of Microsoft Power Automate. Factory teams can monitor key performance indicators and process values in real-time, minimizing downtime and waste. In an instant, production becomes much more efficient and cost-effective.

Minimize downtime

through real-time workflows

Key figures at a glance

through automated information

Monitor process values

through sensor-controlled alarms

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Bring your analog processes into the 21st century

The FORCAM connector FORCE Bridge builds the bridge to the app ecosystem Microsoft Power Automate: Whether Excel, Facebook, Outlook, Salesforce, Skype, Trello, Twitter, or many more – the teams in a production facility can set up automated and event-driven workflows through simple configuration, without programming effort. Whether tool breakage or missing material – the teams organize their work to identify and eliminate errors and downtimes in real-time – that is Fabrication 4.0.

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How to benefit from digital workflows

Critical production processes can add significantly more value when: Automated workflows transmit all relevant information for immediate action – material, job, machine, location – to the right group of people in real-time.

  • Minimize downtime: Workers can click on an online ticket to call in logistics teams if materials or tools are missing.
  • Control key figures: Factory teams receive regular, automated information on important key figures.
  • Monitor process values: Workers receive sensor-controlled alarms if process values are violated.

The new connector in detail

Meet the three critical principles of Industry 4.0

The technological home of the connector is the turnkey IIoT platform solution FORCAM FORCE™. It enables companies to flexibly compose their own IT architecture and drive business performance through data-driven manufacturing. With both the new connector FORCE Bridge and the integrative IIoT platform solution FORCAM FORCE™, companies have a concrete solution to transform their manufacturing business.

The three key principles

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Interview with FORCAM Product Manager Dominik Amann

Dominik Amann introduces himself

"In my role as Product Manager, I am responsible for our platform and connectivity solutions. These include our FORCE Bridge API™ (Open API) and our industrial App Center. With the help of our developer and partner community, we are constantly expanding our intelligent manufacturing platform with exciting apps and solutions".

Dominik Amann

Produktmanager - Platform & Connectivity

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FORCAM supports manufacturing companies to secure their long-term competitiveness in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The turnkey and freely expandable IIoT platform solution FORCAM FORCE™ ensures greater efficiency in production and planning through data-driven manufacturing. Over 100,000 machines worldwide work with FORCAM technology.

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