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Manufacturing 4.0 Discovery Day

Can Manufacturing 4.0 Improve Your Operational Performance?

In the modern day, IT is vital in many parts of the business. However, in manufacturing there seems to be a gap between IT systems in office and automation systems on the shop floor. Many companies are bridging this gap and starting to use IT as an enabler of operational excellence. FORCAM is offering a one-day discovery day to help you understand the opportunity a Manufacturing 4.0 platform brings to your business

The issues

Today’s key words in manufacturing are globalisation and competitiveness. Most manufacturing companies are struggling with the challenge to achieve digital transformation in order to become, or even stay, ‘best-in-class’. The traditional focus has been on improving the production process itself, using Lean or Six Sigma principles. Many manufacturers have implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software package to support their business & planning processes. However, with the digital transformation at the top and shop floor levels, the lack of coordination between these levels is becoming more evident.

Our solution

Digital manufacturing systems which manage these production processes are increasingly seen as a foundation for digital transformation. A crucial component in today‘s enterprise IT structure is to bridge the gap between top floor and shop floor. Manufacturers have to decide how they can improve and support their digital transformation journey in a more efficient way with a Manufacturing 4.0 solution. The right Manufacturing 4.0 partner is imperative in achieving digital transformation. Tailored implementation and methodology allow an organisation to maximise the value of investment in a Manufacturing 4.0 solution.

Companies also face the strategic dilemma of how to integrate the shop floor with the ERP. To be able to answer these questions, first it is necessary to know the current status of the production environment, as well as the long-term business objectives.
A long-term plan for the shop floor has to be made, including a vision on how IT can support production in achieving digital transformation. With a tailored methodology, this will also enable the broader benefits of linking the live manufacturing processes data into the business systems. FORCAM is offering clients a discovery day where the aim will be to analyse the potential opportunity for, and benefits of an integrated digital manufacturing platform.

Our approach

We assess customer activity from the top floor to the shop floor, against the industry best practices. Connected machines offer transparency of live data analytics. Digital transformation becomes a cross-functional project. The discovery day will engage crossfunctional teams directly impacted by digital transformation process. Prior to the discovery day, we will conduct a short site-survey to understand your manufacturing challenges and processes in more detail.
During the discovery day, crossfunctional discussions will identify the key focus areas. FORCAM will help to identify business initiatives that will drive the digital transformation journey. We will use the outcome from the discovery day to provide an objective means of prioritising potential digital manufacturing initiatives.


The outcomes of the workshop will be:

  • Increased awareness of the benefits of manufacturing 4.0 in enabling digital transformation, linking the top floor to the shop floor.
  • A summary of current production processes and focus areas for performance improvement A strategic pathway for further process optimisation through digital transformation.
  • A prioritised list of potential digital manufacturing initiatives based on fiscal value and strategic importance.

Why FORCAM discovery day?

The Manufacturing 4.0 discovery day is part of our Integrated Manufacturing service portfolio. FORCAM have a proven track record of partnering with our customers and suppliers to deliver and support an Integrated Manufacturing 4.0 solution strategy across the globe. Working with market leaders in the Aerospace, Automotive, Medical device industries and more.

Next steps

For further information, or to speak to one of the experts please email


We are happy to share with you all the information about the FORCAM Manufacturing 4.0 Discovery Day as a PDF.

About the author

Sumrit is a creative thinking, strategic Marketing professional who thinks outside of the box and delivers results. Leading all FORCAM Marketing activities in the UK, Sumrit has an entrepreneurial and problem-solving approach to business, sharing value-based communications and propositions.



Sumrit Shidu

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