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Manufacturing 4.0 Discovery Day

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Can Manufacturing 4.0 Improve Your Operational Performance?

In the modern day, IT is vital in many parts of the business. However, in manufacturing there seems to be a gap between IT systems in office and automation systems on the shop floor. Many companies are bridging this gap and starting to use IT as an enabler of operational excellence. FORCAM is offering a one-day discovery day to help you understand the opportunity a Manufacturing 4.0 platform brings to your business.

Why FORCAM discovery day?

The Manufacturing 4.0 discovery day is part of our Integrated Manufacturing service portfolio. FORCAM have a proven track record of partnering with our customers and suppliers to deliver and support an Integrated Manufacturing 4.0 solution strategy across the globe. Working with market leaders in the Aerospace, Automotive, Medical device industries and more.

Next steps

For further information, or to speak to one of the experts please email


We are happy to share with you all the information about the FORCAM Manufacturing 4.0 Discovery Day as a PDF.

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Sumrit Shidu

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