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How companies reduce operating costs in the short term and become competitive again in the long term

Exceptional year 2020: Manufacturing companies face a double challenge. They must reduce fixed costs in the short term and become profitable again, and they must regain their competitiveness in the long term. The best opportunities for meeting this challenge are offered by the digital transformation towards a systematically data-driven manufacturing process. The FORCAM eBook “Data-driven Manufacturing” shows the major trends in the era of the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as well as the technological requirements – including a checklist.

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Project checklist

Profit from the digital business processes of the future

The opportunities offered by digitization represent a revolution for the manufacturing industry: new supply and service chains are emerging and new business models are displacing old ones. In the era of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), companies are concerned about their future viability. The solution lies in an intelligent, adaptable IIoT platform solution. Only those who work with a flexible and cloud-enabled platform technology will participate in the digital business processes of the future.

Integrative platform solution for composition and collaboration

A company can exploit the advantages of industrial IoT with a flexible IIoT platform solution that protects investments in existing IT systems and enables innovation. This enables companies to compose their own individually required IT architecture – manufacturer-independent, flexible, value-adding.

The three central tasks of a smart factory technology:

  • Full transparency through connectivity
  • Higher efficiency through digital twin of production
  • Greatest flexibility through open web interfaces

Clear project planning is half the battle

Digital transformation is also easy – clear project planning is half the battle. There are three essential steps:

  1. First, a cross-functional team analyzes the supplier market and draws up a time and action plan.
  2. Second, a system design is developed that breaks away from data silo structures and creates a technological openness for new solutions.
  3. Thirdly, a pilot project: the aim is to achieve rapid results and a concrete proof of value. Then the rollout can begin.

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