Success Story Reich GmbH


Automotive supplier REICH GmbH, based in Mellrichstadt, Bavaria, has a more than 100-year history of the highest quality standards.


  • To deliver the well-known quality promise to customers in the future
  • Operate at three international locations with equally high quality and value
  • Sustainable productivity improvement through lean organization and lean technology


  • Global manufacturing control with FORCAM’s FORCE MES FLEX solution and Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Synchronization of real-time performance data on an OEE basis across continents
  • Individual control of production by local factory teams with key performance indicator OEE. Supervision takes place from the main plant in Germany.

Added value

  • Delivery reliability with key customers at the main plant is close to 100%
  • Desired 99% quality level on material at US pilot plant after a few weeks
  • Planning and controlling have a clear view of running costs (order throughput times, current inventories, tool life …)