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Digitizing machines – Transmit signals

Published: · Last updated: · 1 min reading time

There are two technical options for supplying signals and events from an edge node to a 3rd party application.

  2. and MQTT

With HTTP/REST, any REST endpoint provided there can be used to supply the external system. The HTTP methods POST and PUT are supported.

The following standards are implemented as HTTP authentication methods:

Basic Authentication according to RFC 2617 and Client credential flow: Authentication according to OAuth 2.0 RFC 6749 via Client ID and Client Secret known to the system.

For MQTT messaging For supply, any MQTT broker can also be served if provided by customers or partners.

FORCE EDGE CONNECT can be supplied with data and documents via the EDGE API. Technically, this is only possible via HTTP/REST.

You have now successfully connected a machine to your  FORCE EDGE CONNECT node, and standardized events are sent to a higher third-party system using the script. This is how easy it is to digitize brownfield machines with  FORCE EDGE CONNECT.