Bridge to Intelligent Manufacturing

Digital transformation is only possible with real-time data from production. To achieve this, a wide variety of machines and systems must be digitally networked. The big challenge: machines from different vintages and with different controllers as well as from different manufacturers must be connected to a central path controller, which evaluates all signals uniformly and makes them usable.

The FORCAM FORCE™ Bridge platform offers you a central data hub between production and planning, between production and the upper floor (SAP / ERP), and between all third-party systems that are to be networked with their production data. Signals from production – which originate from the operation of our FORCAM apps – are standardized and translated into a uniform IT language. Systematic data semantics thus creates a uniform global “Production Intelligence” – Big Data becomes useful Smart Data. The Smart Data is available in real-time for every application of the FORCAM FORCE™ ecosystem and via the first open programming interface for smart manufacturing, the FORCE Bridge API. It is also available for third-party systems without restrictions – and for many locations across national and language borders.

Your Value

  • Seamless integration of heterogeneous machine parks in real-time
  • Automatic collection, preparation, storage and distribution of data
  • Support of all marketable control types
  • Easy connection via plug-ins
  • Seamless integration of ERP with the machine level

Product Images