September 10-15, 2018, Chicago, Illinois - USA

Press Release. Cincinnati, February 27, 2018:

FORCAM believes the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) allows manufacturers to begin a new conversation with their employees to ways to improve operational efficiency. Plant managers can better monitor work practices and employees receive real-time feedback and the encouragement to allow them to act on that data quickly.

IIoT takes the guesswork out of your operation. Instead of simply recording data, the analytics built into IIoT networks provide a way to understand trends, build in triggers for action on equipment based on those analytics, and will provide a way to find and identify problems quickly, and respond to them quickly.

In the six years since FORCAM first appeared at IMTS under the Hannover Messe USA banner, FORCAM has seen IIoT emerge from a concept to a dynamic force for change in manufacturing. In that spirit, we developed FORCAM Force™ to bring together all the data plants already generate with new analytics tools and greater user flexibility.

FORCAM will demonstrate the FORCAM’s awarded IIoT solution with all its bells and whistles and its powerful interoperability capabilities. Built on an Open API structure, FORCAM FORCE™ Bridge is the connector to shop floor analytics with any third-party ERP, MES, TDM, QMS, CMMS … system to turn manufacturing’s Big Data into Smart Data.

Working in conjunction with Infor, Predictronics and other partners at Hannover Messe USA, FORCAM will demonstrate the importance of connectivity, interoperability, and mobility and its role in smart manufacturing. We will be able to demonstrate several success stories that will point manufacturers toward the value gained when data by predictive analytics is turned into action.

This will change the relationship plant management has with its most valuable commodity—the operators.

Stay Tuned.