All New Catalog: Training for Successful Manufacturing 4.0 Projects

Even in 2018, training is vital for organizational development and success. While it is beneficial to the entire organization, employees become more motivated, efficient, and productive.

Productivity, the current buzzword in the industrial sector, extends beyond machine assets:

Organizational Success: Training helps employees contribute more to organizational success while at the same time improving their own job security and job satisfaction. A well-trained employee requires less supervision, makes fewer errors and is involved in fewer accidents, which saves time and money. 

Gen X and Gen Y Workforce: This group views training as a critical component of their careers, that helps them and the organization advance. They value control over their jobs, while helping the firm to stay ahead in a competitive market environment.

Customer Loyalty: With a well-trained workforce, management is freed up to tackle other issues. Employees are able to attend to important customer questions with little supervision, which in turn helps build better customer relationships and loyalty.

The purpose of the FORCAM ACADEMY is to support manufacturing businesses develop their own talent with intensive training on how to use Big Data based on Smart Manufacturing technologies. 

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